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Aptis | The most innovative English certification

¿Why choose Aptis?

Aptis is the modern and flexible English test, designed by British Council experts to meet different needs of organizations and individuals around the world. It measures the proficiency of the English language from level A1 (beginner) to C2 (Advanced Native), according to the CEFR.


The exam is characterized by being easy to implement and secure. It is applied by computer via the internet, either in person at an evaluation center or remotely from the university, corporate, government offices, or the candidate's home and is supervised in real-time by AHL. The Aptis exam includes a central grammar and vocabulary module, as well as four modules to choose from according to the user's needs:

  • Oral expression

  • Auditive comprehension

  • Reading comprehension

  • Written expression.


Aptis has three versions in Mexico: Aptis General, Aptis Advanced, and Aptis for Teens.


Thus, adapting to different audiences such as government, education sector, and corporations.

¿What uses does Aptis have?

According to the sector you are in and your assessment needs, Aptis can help you:

  • Assess the initial level and progress of your students in English proficiency.

  • Filter students for bilingual programs.

  • Evaluate language development projects (new books or methodologies)

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of people in the English language by ability.

  • Filter candidates for positions that require proficiency in English.

  • Certify the level of English of teachers.

Aptis exam results are quick and easy to read. They have graphs where the level of English is indicated in each of the skills that were chosen.

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